Wedding Music 101

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Sandra and Greg Thompson
Thank you for visiting Wedding Music 101. We have been married for 48 years and have performed at over 1000 wedding ceremonies. Hopefully our experiences can help you with your wedding music.
If you have questions please use the contact form to send us a message.

Sandra Thompson, Flute
Greg Thompson, Violin
Can you tell me more about these recordings?
The first Wedding Music 101 album was conceived out of the need to provide our wedding clients with examples of songs that are used in ceremonies; that was back in 2000. These songs were almost exclusively recorded live at actual wedding ceremony sites. Although there are occasional coughs or clearing of throat, it proved to be helpful.
Volume 2, Wedding Music 101, is exclusively recorded in controlled environments, i.e. churches and studios.
Are all of the songs on this website available for download?
Yes! …except for "Royal Procession," all of the songs can be downloaded through CDBaby. If you would like the "Royal Procession" mp3 or sheet music, please fill in the contact form so we can talk about specifics.
I heard one of the songs on your website and would like to have the music played by the musicians I am using for my wedding. Can you send sheet music?
Yes, there are two options: if you live in the Chicago area, we can play at your wedding, if not, use the contact form so we can talk more about your wedding musicians and if the sheet music we have will need to be altered.